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Resource Lists

Guidance & Best Practice for using resource lists

New List Edit: Creating a List

Jump ahead to 0:45 in the video to see how to create sections in an empty list and add resources. Academic Engagement Librarians handle the initial creation of lists and connecting them to the hierarchy, so you do not need to complete these steps. If you can't find a list you believe should already exist, please contact for assistance. 

New List Edit: Editing Your List

  • 0:10 Checking you have editing rights
  • 1:10 Adding paragraphs
  • 1:35 Moving around existing items and rearranging sections
  • 3:05 Accessible editing options for those using keyboard navigation
  • 3:35 Adding a new section

New List Edit: Managing Your Resources

  • 0:03 Adding resources from My Bookmarks
  • 0:30 Setting importance level for a bookmark
  • 0:50 Adding student notes

Adding Resource List Sections to Moodle

Jump to section:  

0:23 The Moodle Plug In

0:54 Resource List sections

1:36 Creating a plug-in link in Moodle

4:10 Contact us for help and support


NB: The selection screen to add a resource list to a Moodle site section has recently been upgraded. The pop-up window at 2:15 in the video now appears as shown below.

Training and Support

The Academic Engagement Team offer one-to-one and group training on creating and updating Resources Lists, e.g. adding resource list sections, adding content to lists, requesting digitisations and embedding Resource List sections into Moodle. 

We also set up Resource Lists templates for new modules, issue editing rights for academics, update module name/code on an existing lists.

Please contact us to make an appointment or ask us a question.