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Finding Images - CC0, Attribution Free, Royalty Free

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If you are looking for images to use for an assignment or presentation, there are two important things to consider.

  1. Do I know who owns the copyright?
  2. Is there enough information for me to reference the source, if I need to reference it?

Use of images may be allowed for educational purposes, but for content shared outside of the classroom or with the wider public, then you should not use copyrighted images.  

For content that will be publicly available, you should ensure that you use images that are royalty free, copyright free, attribution free or have been designated a Creative Common - CC0 License. Images found on Google may not necessarily be free from copyright, and infringing copyright can lead to substantial financial penalties.

Free to use online image collections

The website listed below does require attribution, but it has been included as it is a great source to use for broadening representation.

Finding Images - Library Content


The Library also subscribes to Artstor, this image collection can be used for noncommercial and education purposes, more information available in the ArtStor copyright guide below.

Working with Images - Useful Tools

Montage of images created using free tools

There are many free to use tools online there that can help you to create great presentations. We have listed some of these below.

Please bear in mind the Library does not provide support for these tools, and as they are free, the conditions of use may be subject to change.

Finding the source of an image