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Postgraduates & Researchers

Guidance and Materials for Postgraduate Taught and students part of the Graduate School


Empty Conference RoomThis section gives you tips and tools that you can use to create a great presentation including:

  • Advice on how to present effectively
  • Guidance and tips on poster presenting
  • How to find copyright free high quality images to use
  • Useful free to use tools to help you create a powerful presentation.
  • Information on how AVR can support you with equipment loans and poster printing

Along with our guidance, there are lots of freely available (open access) materials available for you to use. Below there are some links selected by members of the Academic Achievement and Academic Engagement Teams on creating a poster presentation that we found useful and an Open Access eBook on presenting at conferences.

Tutorial on Presentation Skills for PG

Presenting at Conferences for Postgraduates

Example templates to help when creating a presentation

Many companies make freely available poster templates. Inclusion in this list does not indicate endorsement of other services these companies may provide.