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Accessibility Tools

Accessibility tools 

The university has a number of tools that can help students to gain access to different resources. Self-access tools to make resources/content more accessible: 

SensusAccess can convert documents into accessible formats. (this is a self service tool, please see SensusAccess page for information on how to get support using this)

Blackboard Ally can change Moodle resources into accessible formats (this tool is supported by eLearning Services). 


Caption.ed (supported by eLearning Services)

The eLearning Services team is piloting a new software called Caption.Ed. It provides instant captions and transcripts for almost any audio media available through any platform in the eLearning Toolkit, at the click of a button. There is an Introducing Caption.Ed video that goes through the software and its capabilities. 

All staff and students are able to sign up for a free Caption.Ed account. It allows them to add a browser extension to their Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser and generate automated captions on the fly with an excellent level of accuracy. 

For guidance on how to do this, please refer to the following guide on using Caption.Ed from eLearning Services Team.

Staff will soon be able to use editor accounts so they can make changes to any transcripts that have been automatically produced. 

If you have any questions regarding Blackboard Ally and Caption.Ed, please get in touch with the eLearning Services Team