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Referencing & Academic Integrity at Roehampton

RefWorks RCM for Word

RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is an add-on for Microsoft Word that enables you to add in-text citations from RefWorks directly into your document.

RCM is currently pre-installed on computers on campus. It should already appear on the ribbon (toolbar) for Word.

RCM button on Word Ribbon

If you are using your own device you will need to add RCM to Words using the Office Add-ins store.


RCM can be used with  Microsoft 2016 for either Mac or PC, Microsoft 2019, or Word Online (Office 365).

Note for Write-n-Cite users

If you were previously using Write-n-Cite (WNC) to add in-text citations, RCM will not be compatible with any document that you have started with WNC. Find out more on our WNC FAQ.

New to RefWorks?

To use RCM, you must have a RefWorks accounts. Go to our RefWorks page to find out more about how to use RefWorks.

Installing RCM

1. In Microsoft Word, select Insert tab from the ribbon (toolbar) and go to Add-ins

2. From the Add-in pop up window, select the Admin Managed tab and then the RefWorks Citation Manager - Proquest icon.

Select the admin managed tab

3. Once you have selected the RefWorks icon, an Add button will appear at the bottom of the pop-up window. Select
Add to install RCM.

4. RCM should now appear as an option in the Word ribbon.

Logging in to RCM

1. Select RCM from the Word ribbon.

2. Select the RefWorks Citaiton Manager link that appears, and sidebar open on the left of the screen.

3. From the sidebar, log in with your RefWorks username (or email address) and password.

Log into RefWorks through the sidebar.


RCM Tutorial

A useful 3 minute video on using RCM that covers:

  • How to add citations
  • How to edit citations
  • Changing citation style
  • The auto-updating bibliography function
  • Contact form for RefWorks support if you encounter any issues.

RCM Troubleshooting

The RCM tab isn't showing in the online version of Word

If RCM is showing in the desktop version of Word, but not the online version, is it likely that there is a security block preventing it from appearing. You can check this by testing the function in a different browser.

In Chrome, you may need to check and enable third-party cookies for Microsoft Word.

You should see an eye with a line through it in the search bar.

Check if there is an eye with a line through it on the searchbar

If you select this, you can then enable third party cookies for the website.

The citation style font reverts back to the font I don't want when I insert a new citation

RCM automatically picks up the default font style of a Word document, any manual changes to fonts will be over-written.

The styling bar in the home tab tells you whatt the default font is.

Word font styling bar.

To prevent this issue, you can:

  1.  Modify the default style of the Word document to match the final font style you want.
  2.  Only make changes to the font style (or any other manual edits to the citations) after you have finished your writing. A 2 minute video tutorial is available below, and in the RefWorks Video Tutorial page.

RCM: Editing the In-text Citation Font Style