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Referencing at University of Roehampton

Referencing Guides for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences use a range of different referencing styles depending on what programme you are studying. 

Select the appropriate tabbed box based on the referencing style listed in your module handbook.


Some modules within a programme may be cross-listed from different programme areas and require you to use a different reference style. If in doubt please double-check your module handbook or ask your module tutor for confirmation.


Subject Areas:

English & Creative Writing

English Literature; Creative Writing; Children's Literature; Popular Literature & Culture: MLA Referencing Style 


History, Classics and Ancient History

History: Chicago Manual of Style

Classics and Ancient History: Roehampton Humanities Referencing


Religion, Theology, Culture and Philosophy

Philosophy; PRE; Religion, Theology and Culture; Theology and Religious Studies; Ministerial Theology: Roehampton Humanities Referencing


Social Sciences

Sociology, Criminology: Roehampton Harvard Referencing Style 

Human Rights and International Relations: Roehampton Harvard and OSCOLA

Style Guide

Style Guides


By the end of this, you should be able to:

  • Explain referencing is important
  • Understand the mechanics and be able to construct references for:

    • books, chapters in edited books, journal articles and websites
  • Format secondary references
  • Know when to cite a source, when to include page numbers and how to reference multiple authors

Style Guides


Style Guides

Note: The AA Team provides basic support for MLA referencing. For sources or queries not contained in the MLA quick guide, it is best to go back to your department for help.

Style Guides


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