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Reference works

Reference works such as dictionaries and encyclopedia are very useful for getting started on a project, providing summaries or bibliographies.

You can find specialist dictionaries and encyclopedias via the Library Catalogue, or try searching the Oxford Reference Online collection for Philosophy related reference books.

Oxford Reference Online Search Box Example
Search Oxford Reference Online


Ebook collections for Philosophy

Finding journals articles and other online resources

A quick way to find high quality, academic online resources in the Library is to use Search Everything which searches across most of the library's online collections in one simple search.

Alternatively you can refine your search by using some of the subject specific databases below. Databases are large searchable collections of academic materials, which are not normally freely available online.These databases are an excellent source of journal articles and other materials. Using these databases will save you time and produce more precise and relevant searches.

In addition to the archives listed below, the Library also subscribes to number of large archive collections that are not freely available online. These can be found on the other pages in this guide.

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