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Global College - UR Library Guide

This Library Guide provides information on Library and IT resources for Global College.


Databases are large, searchable collections of academic materials. Many provide access to full-text journal articles, whilst others provide article abstracts/citations or other types of information. Databases are useful because they provide access to high-quality, authoritative and up-to-date research in your subject area. 

To access Roehampton’s online databases you will be required to authenticate access.with your Roehampton username and password. If you need help logging in please see here.

It is always best to use the database links provided in this guide rather than searching for databases on the Internet, as the links in this guide will direct you straight to the University of Roehampton's login page where you can enter your Roehampton username and password to enter the database.

Physical copies of each textbook for your module readings should be made available via your institution's library.

Some titles may also be available in ebook (electronic book) format too. Proquest is an ebook collection that contains books in many different disciplines. To check if a book is available in ebook format  you can search Proquest using the link below.

To access Roehampton’s ebooks you will be required to authenticate access. Almost all of our resources use a system called OpenAthens to enable you to login.

If you experience any problems accessing the online databases or ebooks please refer to the 'Access instructions for databases and ebooks' pdf below. 

Referencing Styles

Online reference generators such as Mendeley, Zotero, etc. will also contain a different version of Harvard, so please be aware. If you are unsure which referencing style to use please check with your tutors.

OSCOLA Referencing style

​Law programmes may require you to cite authorities, legislation, and other legal materials using OSCOLA, the Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities. Use the links below for guidance.

If you need help logging in

If you find you cannot log into a resource please follow the advice below before seeking help.

If you reach the following login screen, please enter your Roehampton username in the format 'bloggsj' (your username without the

If you reach the following login screen, please enter your Roehampton username in the format '' (your full university username)

Azure login page asking for email and password

If you find either of the two following messages, please contact your institution:

A final thing to try before seeking help would be to try and clear your browser cache. If none of the above is working, then please contact your institution for support.