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Aventis - UR Library Guide

This Library Guide provides information on Library and IT resources for Aventis

IT Support

We recommend that you change your UR password regularly. To manage your password please register for password self-service.

Once you have registered on password self-service you can use it at any time if you forget your password, need to change your password or are locked out of your account.

Alternatively you can contact the ServiceDesk who are able to help if your password stops working, if you forget it or if you lock yourself out by entering your password incorrectly too many times. 


Every registered student has a University of Roehampton email account ( )

Your University address is your

You can access your University email via:

See the O365 em​ail FAQ's for advice about:

  • attachments 
  • recovering deleted emails 
  • redirecting your University emails to another account            
  • setting up of an out-of-office etc.


Do not response to any email asking you for your University username and email. The University never sends out emails asking for details of your username and password. 

The ServiceDesk is the first point of call for all IT-related queries, including relating to:

  • UR password problems
  • Your University email account (O365 Email)
  • Free Software (e.g. Microsoft Office, SPSS, NVivo) 

The ServiceDesk is open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.


Phone: 020 8392 6000 



As a University of Roehampton student you are provided with:      

  • Microsoft Office 0365 email account                              
  • 1 TB OneDrive to store and share documents
  • Office Pro Plus Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) for installation on up to 5 devices
  •  Access to Office Online apps: office apps as well as Sway, Forms, Planner, Video, Delve & Yammer etc

all of the above can be accessed via your email.


Office 365 FAQs​:

How can I install Office 365 on my computer ?
  • Log into your University O365 Email account on the computer or device to which you wish to download the software.
  • Once your have logged into O365 Email - click on the cog/wheel in the top right-hand corner
  • Near the bottom of the list under 'Your app settings' select: Office 365
  • Then select  Install status and on the same page: Install desktop applications which will take you to the Software install page
  • On the Software page you will also see options for installing MS software.
  • ​​Once you have downloaded your Office 365 software, you will be required to activate it by signing in.  Your Office 365 Sign In (your Office 365 ID) is your login/ and your usual network account password.​
  • You will need to sign into your University email account with your credentials every 30 days to to keep your software activated. If this does not happen then the applications will go into a reduced functionality mode
  • Plus, you also have access to range of online apps. Log into your University O365 Email account and select the app launcher (the square in the extreme left of the top navigation bar) 

Where can I get help?  

'Office 365 Help' is available via the question mark at the top right corner of the Office 365 software download page. 
IT Services cannot offer support for your personal device. 

I have a personal copy of Microsoft Office, can I still download and install Office 365 ProPlus?
We suggest that you do not uninstall your personal version of Office unless you have your product key available to reinstall it at a later date. 

Do I need a licence code?

No. But you will need to sign into your University Office 365 account every 30 days to activate your copy of Office 365 ProPlus and keep it activated. If this does not happen then the applications will go into a reduced functionality mode.

For how long do I have access to the Office 365 ProPlus software?

While you are a registered student at Roehampton and have access to your University email account. All students have access to their University email account for 6 months after they have left the University. 

To ensure that the University of Roehampton's IT facilities, e.g. UR usernames, passwords and emails, are used safely, lawfully and equitably please see the IT policy and regulations