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Resource Lists

Guidance & Best Practice for using resource lists

Preparing to update your Resource Lists checklist

Preparing to update your resource lists checklist

You will be usually working in multiple tabs (windows) in your Internet Browser, e.g. Google Chrome (recommended), Safari, etc.

Checklist tickOpen up Resource List page (to edit your list), Library Homepage (to find resources to add) and Moodle (to use the Moodle plug in to embed your resource list into Moodle).

Checklist tickLog into Resource Lists, you should see your name listed in the dark green bar at the top. If it says Create a Profile you will need to click on this to set up a profile. This will allow lists to be assigned to you.

Checklist tickSearch for your Module Title, Module Code or go to My Lists to see the lists assigned to you.

Checklist tickIf a list is missing from My Lists please contact the Academic Engagement Team to get editing rights, you will be sent an email inviting you to become a List Editor (see Gaining editing rights).

Gaining Editing Rights

How to get editing rights

First please check whether or not you already have editing rights to Resource Lists for the modules that you are teaching. To do this you can search for the module code/title on Talis Aspire Resource List Software and check you are logged in (should say your name in the dark green navigation bar near the top of the page). If you can see an Edit button on the right hand side of the page (see screenshot below) then you are able to edit the list.

Edit button, View, My Lists

If you can't see an Edit button this means you don't yet have editing rights, please email the Academic Engagement Team to get access. You will be sent an invite email (from No-Reply- TalisAspire) and need to accept the invite by clicking on the second link in the email in order for the Edit button to appear. Please note that sometimes these emails go into your Junk Mail.

NB: When you accept a List publisher invitation for the first time, the system will ask you to fill in your profile. This only takes a moment. Please leave your profile set to public, as this will enable students to search for resource lists using your name, if they wish to.