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COVID-19 Guide to using the Library

All the information you need to know about using the Library during the 20-21 academic year

Study Spaces

Group Study Spaces

Because of social distancing measures, we currently can’t offer any group study spaces in the Library. 

We would encourage students to use Zoom or Microsoft Teams to arrange group study sessions. 

Study Rooms

study room with green sign indicating one person use onlyStudy rooms are on a first-come, first-serve basis for now and only one person per room.

You must take personal responsibility to keep yourself safe and maintain social distancing measures









grey study booth with green sign reminding students to socially distancegrey study booth with green sign reminding students to socially distance











We've had to remove or cordon off a lot of these as it’s not possible to maintain a safe distance with this type of seating. There are some soft seating areas where one person only use is possible. Please check the signage.

"Not In Use" Signs/Tape

yellow taped off desks on study seating to show how far apart to sit to socially distance

In some areas PCs/Desks have ‘Not in use’ signs or social distancing tape to show you where you can sit safely. Please follow any signage or directions.