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COVID-19 Guide to using the Library

All the information you need to know about using the Library during the 20-21 academic year

Signs and Displays

Signs and Displays

Library poster displays in foyer showing guidance on using the buildingWe've worked hard to make sure clear signage and extra information is displayed around the building so you know how to use the Library safely.

We ask you to read the signs, stick to social distancing guidelines, one-way systems and other directions for your own safety and to protect those around you.

small sign on welcome desk with details of new procedures during covid-19

Moving around the Library

Floor Signs

white arrow on a green circle showing the direction of traffic inside the libraryWe’ve put one-way systems in place on every floor to make sure people can keep a safe distance from each other, especially when it gets busy.

Please look out for the green floor arrows – and follow them! If you need to change direction, you can cross over between any bookcase aisle; don’t go in the wrong direction! 

Floor plans with the one-way systems route

Staircases - up or down?


All staircases in the building have been designated as either UP or DOWN only.

When you go through the turnstiles, you'll see an UP Staircase sign. This points you to the South stairwell and lifts (nearest welcome desk), which is UP only.

Up-only staircase at the front of the library to the left of the entranceEntry gates into the library showing signage pointing to the left to use the stairscentral wooden staircase with signage to show it is a Down staircase only











    South staircase and lifts UP only                                                                                Central staircase DOWN only

  • North stairwell, the one nearest nearest the Café is DOWN only
  • Wooden staircase leading from Café to Ground floor is UP only

Don’t worry about trying to remember all this straight away. Just pay attention to the signs and you’ll soon find you don’t even have to think about it.



floor sticker inside the lift saying Be smart- keep apartThe lifts are prioritised for people with accessibility needs and for Staff moving trolleys. Please be considerate and use the stairs if you can.

Only two people in a lift at a time, please. Remember to keep a safe distance – stand on the floor signs.

interior of the lift with two floor signs to stand on to show maximum capacity



yellow taped section of floor outside of the toilets to indicate where to queueOnly the accessible toilet is in use on each floor at the moment. If someone is in the cubicle, wait in the box (see floor markings) outside on the landing. Don’t wait in the toilet block internal corridor. It is too narrow to allow for safe distancing.

The outer door has been propped open for touch-free access and so you can check if the toilet is free.


Printer Stations

Printer Stations

yellow taped section of the floor near the printer to show where to queueIf you want to use a printer and someone is already using it please queue as directed to maintain safe social distancing. Wait in the box indicated by the floor markings until the printer is free.