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Information for Academic Staff

Pre-enrolment Resource Lists for incoming UR students

Each year all confirmed new students (undergraduate and postgraduate) are sent links to programme specific pre-enrolment Resource Lists. The intention is to give them an engaging introduction to the subject, whilst familiarising them with our online resource lists system. 

A link to the Pre-Enrolment Resource Lists is included on the Welcome Week home page and app. The timeline of communication to all students (undergraduate and postgraduate) is as follows:

  1. Towards the end of July, new starters are sent their first communication which includes a link to the Welcome Week home page and app. 
  2. Shortly after A-level Results Day (mid August), new starters will receive a second communication to give them an opportunity to explore the Welcome Week homepage and app in more depth, including clicking through to their Pre-Enrolment Resource Lists.  
  3. End of August / start of September, as Welcome Week approaches, another e-mail will be sent out which includes a direct link to Pre-Enrolment Resource Lists.

Pre-Enrolment Resource List template

The Library has set up a Pre-Enrolment Resource Lists template, which can be used by Programme Convenors to populate. Please contact the AE Team to request a copy of the template. The message to students reads: 

"We are delighted that you are coming to Roehampton and we look forward to working with you throughout your degree. To help you prepare for your studies, we recommend the following, which give a good introduction to your chosen subject. The university library should be able to supply all the reading materials you need once you are here. You are not expected to buy any books unless specifically advised to do so by teaching staff."

What to include in Pre-Enrolment Resource List

Before students enrol with us they do not have a UR login, so cannot access any of our subscription e-resources, such as ebooks. With this in mind Instead of linking to our e-books, journals or other licensed resources, please use freely-available online resources such as: 

  • Relevant blogs, podcasts, TED talksYouTube videos, etc; 
  • Open Access versions of your own articles and those of other UR staff, for instance via PURE (if the level is appropriate for incoming students); 
  • Free, out-of-copyright e-books such as those on Project Gutenberg;  
  • Any of the Library’s publicly-accessible website pages, such as study skills and subject guides (the Library can add these if you wish).  

Books should ideally not be included unless freely available online. Previous feedback shows that students may assume they have to buy them, only to discover later that they are either available in the library, or not required for the course.‚Äč If it is essential to add print books, please contact us, and we will add them to your list on your behalf.

If you require students to purchase books, please make use of the student note to specify why this would be a useful text to purchase.

Pre-Enrolment Resource List: Best Practice

These are some further ways to make Pre-Enrolment Lists as effective as possible: 

  • Keep the list short, to engage but not overwhelm; 
  • Include resources that reflect the diversity of our student body; 
  • Include some contextual notes in the Student Note fields, explaining how items are relevant to their course (lists with notes receive good feedback from students).

Please see the BSc Anthropology list as a good example of a Rre-Enrolment List. 

Schools and Colleges Team

From this year, the UR Recruitment Team are also selecting resources from undergraduate lists to share on their Schools and Colleges Resources page, so it’s especially important that items are online and openly accessible.  

Link to Schools and Colleges Resources webpage

Adapting existing pre-enrolment Resource Lists

If you would like to adapt an existing Pre-Enrolment Resource List from last year, please check it and amend as necessary. If you would prefer to start afresh, we have created a new Pre-Enrolment Resource List template that we can set up for you – please contact