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Information for Academic Staff

Quick Checklist

Getting Ready for the New Academic Year/Term - Library Checklist and Guidance

Check you have everything ready for the new academic year/term with this quick checklist and guidance from the Academic Engagement Team

Checklist tickLibrary Inductions - what is happening for 2021/22 

Checklist tickNew Module Convenor? How to check you have editing rights to your resource list

Checklist tickNew academic or visiting lecturer? Contact to check you have library access and have a Library induction.

Checklist tickHow to make changes to your resource list: 

Checklist tickUsing academic and library skills materials in your module 

Find out about AA Team resources on the Learning Skills Hub and Online Study Tool Kit. Also links to PowerPoints, session materials and recordings specific to your subject area that the AA Team delivered as embedded sessions previously. 

Checklist tick**New for 2021-22** Skill level guides and checklists for AA Team materials 

Help you identify which AA Team materials are best suited for your students.

Checklist tick**New for 2021-22** Getting Ready for the New Academic Year Tutorials for UG and PGs

We recommend making this an essential task to be completed by all new students.

Checklist tick**New for 2021-22** Slides and guidance to help you explain resource lists to your students

Checklist tickDo you have a student with an SoA who is eligible for Digitisation Service for Disabled Students (DSDS?)


                I "Information" icon            **New for 2021-22** Why is a book not available in eBook format? Find out about the challenges of getting books in eBook format and our recommendations for communicating this to students. 

                I "Information" icon            Your Academic Engagement Librarian will be using the University's programme details website to update your Resource Lists with the correct module codes suffixes. This will ensure your Resource List correctly links through to your Module Moodle page. 


What about Moodle? 

The Academic Engagement Team can help you with embedding your Resource List into Moodle. For all other queries, please contact eLearning Services.


Library Inductions for 2021/22

Library inductions - what is happening for 2021/22.

We will be offering a self-guided trail round the Library for students to find out about services themselves. A library map will be available to collect from the Welcome desk. To manage student numbers in the Library and ensure we have enough trail maps available to pick up at the Welcome Desk, please complete our Library Trail Request Form to let us know when you intend for your students to visit.

In addition we will be running small group building tours (max. 6 people) during induction periods which are bookable by students through our Events & Workshops booking formPlease note that users are still expected to wear face coverings or a visible exemption lanyard/badge.

Library Welcome and Induction videos are also available. 

Undergraduates will receive a live Study@Roehampton session as part of their Welcome Week induction, these are included on the Roe app. Links to these sessions and a subtitled recording of the session are also available on the Study@Roehampton section on the New Starters webpage for students to catch up on or watch again. Postgraduates are also very welcome to watch these videos as well.  

For Postgraduates there is a subtitled Postgraduate Library Induction (13 min video) and an introduction to The Academic Achievement Team & Library Basics (6 min video). 

For additional interactive tutorials on academic and information skills please see the Online Study Toolkit.

Getting Ready for the New Academic Year Tutorials

These tutorials have been designed to take students through key information to give them the best possible start to their studies.

We strongly recommend that you task your students with taking the tutorial during their first four weeks at university, once they have settled in. They are designed to complement the Study@Roehampton sessions that will take place as part of their induction.

Students will receive a certificate at the end of tutorial which they can email to themselves or forward on to you if required.

Explaining Resource Lists to your students

Explaining Resource Lists to your Students

Following feedback from an LTEU session on Engaging Students through Resource Lists, we have provided some slides that can be downloaded and used in your own inductions with your students.

We recognise that academics approach resource lists differently, so we hope these slides provide useful prompts to go through how you have designed your resource lists and explain your expectations from students. 

Slide 1: Finding Library Resources for Your Studies: Optional Cover Slide.

Slide 2: What are Resource Lists. Gives an example of what a resource list looks like. You may like to expand to explain how you have set up your resource list i.e. week by week, topic sections, lectures and seminars

Slide 3 and 4: (Pick either 3 or 4) Where to find your Resource Lists on Moodle? This is dependent on where your Resource List block is located on Moodle. Slide 3: Top Module block, Slide 4: Right hand side of Moodle page. The bottom of both slides show an example of a section of your resource list being embedded directly into your Moodle page. 

NB: If your resource list is not visible in your Resource List block, please email Instructions can be found here for embedding resource list sections into Moodle. 

Slide 5: Resource Lists via the Library. This is set to hidden and is optional. It demonstrates other ways you can access Resource Lists, through the Library homepage. We recommend that students access their readings through your Module Moodle page.

Slide 6: Resource Lists: Prioritising Reading Gives you the opportunity to explain the importance levels of the reading you have set and expand on your expectations of students.

Slide 7: Searching for Books and eBooks. Covers how to search for eBooks and books on the UR Library Search.

Slide 8: Help Finding Resources. Complements Study@Roehampton sessions by directing students to support from the AA Team and refers them to their online materials.