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Information for Academic Staff

Support with QA Procedures

Consultation with the Library is an integral part of Roehampton’s periodic review and new programme validation procedures. This allows us to plan for any major resource expenditures, such as essential databases or journal subscriptions in a new subject area. 

The paperwork for reviews and validations (available on the Quality and Standards Portal page) therefore entails some Library liaison work. During the process, we will work with you to review the Library's current provision in the subject, identify any new resources required or existing ones that are no longer relevant, help you set up any new module resource lists as as well as academic and information skills support and resources for your students.

Please contact the Library’s Academic Engagement team as early as possible in the process, and we will be happy to hear from you.

Planning New Curricula / Periodic Review

New Programmes: Business case forms

  • If you require information and costings for new subscription resources, such as databases or journals, please contact your Academic Engagement Librarian so that we can provide the necessary information for inclusion on Business case forms.


New Programmes/Periodic Reviews: Pre-validation panel

  • Arrange a meeting with your Academic Engagement Librarian who can help advise on digital resource selection and provide estimated costs for any desired new resources.

  • Send the completed Programme and Module specifications to your Academic Engagement Librarian so they can:

    • provide information on subject specific resources (section 40 of the Programme specification) 

    • set up new Resource Lists using the new/existing modules listed in the Programme and Module specifications and prioritise ordering for these modules

    • provide Resource List URLs required for the Module specification document

    • identify areas of academic and information skills support

Library Action Plans

Each year the Library produce an annual planning document, Library Action Plan for each of the University's Departments and Schools.

The aim of this is to enable the Library to work collaboratively on improving the student experience of Library Services.

The plans provide key library performance data for the last academic year and with consultation with the Department or School provides a number of shared recommendations to take forward into the new academic year.