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Open Access Resources

Introduction to Open Access

This Guide is a work in progress and will continue to be populated as new resources are discovered, please contact if you have any resources that you feel should be included in these lists.

The resources on these pages are Open Access - this means that they are freely available for anyone to read on the Internet, without a log in or paywall. Most of the resources on our other guides are free to you, as a member of Roehampton University, because we pay a subscription fee for you to use them. That's why you usually have to log in with your Roehampton credentials to get access to e-books and articles, to show that you belong to a subscribing institution. 

Most universities and research institutes, however, are now making much of their research output freely available online. The format may differ from the final article published in an academic journal, but you can trust these sites to provide accurate, authoritative information that has been through the rigorous "peer review" procedures for academic research. The following are some highly recommended Open Access resources to support your studies and research. 

This guide brings together Open Access Resources selected by the Librarians at Roehampton with contributions from Academics. 

As well as your Subject Specific Open Access Resources, there are also Multi-disciplinary Open Access Resources on this Guide that you can search, please see the link below.

Psychology - Open Access